What is Manual Lymph Drainage ?

Manual Lymph Drainage is an extremely gentle but effective method of removing excess swelling caused by inefficiency in the lymphatic system. The technique encourages the flow of the lymph from the affected areas by creating a pumping action which stimulates the lymphatic vessels.  Therefore, for example, if used in a facial this can reduce puffiness around the eyes and give the skin a more toned look. It is extremely relaxing but can also be beneficial for those with sinus problems and certain skin conditions.  Obviously it can be used on any area of the body and other benefits can include the breaking down of severe bruising, improving the appearance of scars and helping with inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis.

It was developed by Dr Emil Vodder during the 1930’s and is now becoming more widely established as a treatment in hospitals and clinics.  In these settings it is used as a method of assisting those who have lymphoedema either due to a hereditary condition or due to the removal of lymph nodes.